Three tactics for getting up early to run

Three tactics for getting out of bed to run in the morning

I am not by nature a super early riser, or a morning runner. For many of my marathon running years, I got up just in time to breakfast, shower and get to work, and not a minute earlier. I ground out my midweek long runs at night, starting after we…

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Om Malik on the Future of the Cloud

Om Malik writing in Fast Company provides an optimistic look at the future of cloud computing. “If the growth so far is astonishing, the big boom is yet to come, driven by the increasing presence of sensors in our world, including next-generation weather monitoring systems and cars such as the…

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Three productivity tips that trump the rest

In this video a couple of Fast Company editors chat about their productivity issue, and why productivity is such a hot topic right now. Leadership editor Kathleen Davis says this speaks to something great about human nature, “that we always want to be a better version of ourselves.[…] People are…


Why singing is good for you, even if you think you’re bad at it

Apologies to our neighbors, but all that singing is medicinal. I can’t begin to count the number of people over the years who’ve told me they can’t sing, or have no talent for musical instruments. Pish. It doesn’t matter whether you’re gifted. Even if you think you’re terrible at music,…


The End of a Streak; Belated Manchester *HALF* Marathon Race And Season Notes

It’s fitting that I’m getting around to jotting a few notes on this race almost a week after the fact. The whole thing ended up being a bit nonchalant, given it was my main race of the season and the focus of 18 weeks of training. Note that it’s a half…

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Wonderful time pacing a group at Baystate Marathon this morning

There is nothing quite so gratifying as helping to guide people to a PR or some other personal running success. I think I actually like this better than racing these days!

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A Few Good Runs In Manchester, New Hampshire

So a question popped up on Twitter recently – could anyone recommend a few good, safe runs in Manchester, NH – 3-6 miles, hills okay. Having spent the last seven years running endless miles around my adopted home city, I’ve got favorites at all distances, and a true booster’s spirit…


Do You Need Carbs To Run Fast? Concluding The Experiment, Sort Of

Common wisdom says you need copious amounts of carbohydrate to run your best, but who doesn’t love challenging common wisdom once in a while? After reading the Art & Science  of Low Carbohydrate Performance by Volek and Phinney last year, and following the work of Dr. Timothy Noakes, who was kind enough to give…

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Case for Multilingualism In Business

For those of us who work internationally, sure we know that most everywhere you go English ends up being the common language of groups with disparate native tongues. But does that mean there’s no point to learning a second language? Not at all, according to Robert Kaplan, who makes the case for developing multilingual…